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Simple reason why UBS only hire a quant

Simple reason why UBS only hire a  quant

A company logo hangs outside the entrance of UBS Group headquarters in Zurich.

UBS Group AG doubled the number of quants working for Chief Investment Officer Mark Haefele in the past two years. He wants to hire even more.

To read the entire article, go to http://bloom.bg/2co16Fi

Highlights include:

The models “help us understand when it’s time to dial up the risk of the portfolio or dial down the risk,” Haefele, who helps oversee $2 trillion, said in an interview in Zurich. “In many cases the answer is yes, a machine could do a better job than a person.”


“In this war for quantitative talent, I would say that women are increasingly winning it because the numbers speak louder than testosterone,” he said. “About 50 percent of the female hires that we made have a masters or better in quantitative subjects.”

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