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Some crypto currency pair exist and Gold proves to be safe haven today

Here we go again. Another blood bath in the markets today. We need to decide where to trade and how to find predictability in the markets.


Always random moves but both BNB ETH and BNB BTC has done very well again. Eg. >15% with others doing well as well. But what are the ones to trade? I just wish we could short these pairs because that is what was the only ones to profit opportunity today.


The usual culprits always show for potential ranging with TRY or ZAR for max pontial. Which cross will work this time? Will NZD oR AUD rise as their markets open up?


Gold was the only predictable with a >2%. That is a gimme. Also, there were so many shorting opportunities here but I only long for now. Shorting opportunity existed especially with the bad OPEC news today.

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