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Who are the last few brokers for forex trading reliability

Who are the last few brokers for forex trading reliability

Background context:

You think so? What do you know about ATC? The FX broker? I got to find a broker I can still walk right after im fed…lol. I might end up going to securities…its what I started with I mean I got zero choices., I don’t really want to go to back to ally, maybe they’ve gotten better in the past few months, they don’t offer corp. accounts so im going to get fed on taxes. I basically have TD or ATC….no fing way im going to Forex.com, gain capital shares have been taking a pounding cause no body fs with them, their reviews are even worse than oanda. Any ideas, keep in mind I live in the US of fin A

I have never hear of ATC but these reviews look good:


Esp. when they respond. I wondr if these reviews are real. 

Also, another option could be LMAX. 


Too bad ATC does not offer other software options 

Yea I went to this link, the guy recommended them:     https://www.fxtradingrevolution.com/education/revolution-in-trading-what-forex-brokers-never-want-you-to-know

I would ensure to check the Forex Peace Army for the reliable review as they seem to be the only reliable site to check these brokers





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