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Rise of billionaire robots: how algos redefine hedge fund

Rise of billionaire robots: how algos redefined hedge funds

While most hedge funds are suffering this year due to poor performance, a high profile list highlighted half of the most successful were driven by computer models. These are also using quantitative analysis techniques as well. What does that mean? The old-school way of running hedge funds is quickly withering away. This is another way of saying human traders are losing ground against the robots which obviously includes high-frequency trading shops as well.


Check out this very high-profile article from Britain’s Guardian newspaper

Here are some of the highlights:

Last year, David Siegel, cofounder of Two Sigma Investments, one of those quants, announced that one day “no human investment manager will be able to beat the computer“. Siegel, himself a computer scientist, now manages more than $35bn, and qualified for Alpha’s “rich list” for the first time this year. He debuted at No 7 with estimated 2015 earnings of $500m.

Analyzing UK and Europe trading opportunities

Well we may not all be smart enough or advanced enough to get to this level, but thankfully human retail traders can easily transition into automated trading. As you know, I have shown in a video that you could use US federal data to mine in great detail the pulse of the US economy. Not only that, but you can definitely find literally dozens of trading opportunity to make bank from. Just so you know, I have another one in a very similar fashion where you could do the same for the United Kingdom or Europe.


Check out this video here

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