Reasons why cryptocurrency bitcoin trading bot software loses money #Bitcoin #bot #cryptocurrency #loses #money #Reasonswhy #software #trading This is inspired by folks who use these bot tools or services as a crutch. From what I see, I prefer to show people to either learn to program the thing to generate your own ideas. As usual, most people will not proceed with that notion but they most likely either give up or lose money. Not my money of course. You do need to put the work in to make this happen. That means learning to code via something easy like Python. If so, check out the last 2 weeks. As said, one person on Reddit said tgat using the API is the only way to trade on Kraken. This could be said also for Binance as well as they are the only honest exchange out there anyhow. Here are my solutions for building your own open source crypto trading bot Link:

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