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Professional trading? Why you suck as an amateur

Professional trading: Why you suck as an amateur

Another solid articles on tips why you probably blow donkey balls at trading. Check it out below as here are the highlights once again:


1) Resources – These professionals had a wealth of analytic resources at their fingertips–and they used these resources. They had a keen eye for how their market should be priced and took advantage of occasions when it moved from that benchmark.


–> Software comes to mind that is why it is important to master this skill. I.e. develop your own for exact needs not realying on crappy limted software retail trading platforms that cannot scale, offer multiple broker connections, and so on. Roll your own. This ain’t an easy process and it will never be. Maybe you should learn to pull the finger out of your ass. Or maybe just maybe, it will never work for you ’cause you don’t take responsibility or your just play victim like some ex partner. Bohoo, let me give you a little hug.

3) Strategy – Every trader I talked with could enunciate his or her specific edge in the marketplace and, in some fashion, could quantify that. I could not find a pure gut trader in the bunch.

You know how many poor cavemen traders I run into that rely on 1 strategy. Yeh, no wonder you got blown out. Think of the markets as Mother Nature and the Darwinian process, it wipes out the masses in one foul swoop. Good bye you turds, have fun working at McDonalds flipping burgers. Wah wah, cry me a fcuking river. You should not be trading, go to the casino. In short, software for analysis is key here.Roll your own suckah frat boy but that is ok becuase you are either too lazy or too stupid to know how.

4) Adaptation – Each of the pros knew details of his or her P/L, but also detailed trading statistics such as Sharpe ratios. When the stats veered off course, they were quick to make adjustments.

–> This is quite obivous, Sharpe alone don’t mean crap. Self adapting systematic automated processes are key here! You need to know your threshold limits, constantly running portfolio and risk simulations for positioning weight allocation, etc. Of course, the kiddies will never get that cause they’re drooling on the next color of their Lamborghini that they will never get. They will be lucky to scounge enough from mommy’s allowance to take the bus to school.

5) Complexity – The professional traders employed complex trading strategies that relied on trading different instruments and timeframes, all to exploit a single idea. Many of these strategies involved hedges that managed risk, even as they aggressively pursued their ideas. The idea of buying/selling a single thing and exiting it never arose in my conversations with them.

–> You probably ran away like a little girl. Good, the pros essentially are exiting the trades that you enter into because, well you were stupid enough not to know not to see the opportunities months prior. . Ahh let’s see, I wonder why….your software sucks and your risk analytical skills are probably as good as a four year old pre-schooler.

In summary, all you are doing is chasing stocks like other sheeple because all you do is watch CNBC to call yourself a ‘pro trader’. Or you ready the stupid forums with people yelling at each other through some nasty flaming war.Remind you of Twitter or YouTube commenting trolls.  You ain’t one of these suckers are you? Or better yet, you buy of of those overprice garbage educational programs you think is the magic bullet like the Mother Goose who lays the golden egg. Get over it, it does not exist!

But hey in the end, it aint my money.

PS. If this really bothers you, is that it reminds you  because of your mental case alcholic daddy yelling at you that you are failure. Maybe’s he right?

You have options you know.

You could always learn how get yourself on the right path.



But hey in the end, it aint my money.

Oh yeh, here is that link from above: http://traderfeed.blogspot.ca/2006/04/how-professional-traders-differ-from.html

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Professional trading: Why 94 % of you will fail!

Professional trading: Why 94 % of you will fail!

Honestly with all the crap teaching out there, many fail. This article spells it out quite nicely on a legit website called Business Insider. It is not some sh*tty affiliate marketing site wasting your time setting up these fake reviews of some ‘bigger’ financial institute!


Highlights include:

Lack of education

There are so many teachers, strategies, books, seminars, workshops and webinars available. Where many fall short is that they do not do the research to choose the best teachers to work with. You will save a great deal of time, energy and money if you decide what type of trading you want to do before you choose a teacher.

Too many choose teachers based on the teacher’s ability to sell them, on the teacher’s reputation for making huge profits or the ability for a teacher to make it look like there will be instant profits with little effort. In my seminars I hear traders telling their war stories about the bad experiences they have had with teachers and the thousands that it cost them.

Trade without testing

The only way that you will trust your strategy is if you back and forward test it. If you do not, when you have a drawdown, you will start to question it and yourself. Then it might be too late because you could run out of money and run out of passion. Additionally, where there was support from your family, you now have conflict.


So you really want to further waste your money? I hope you are not that stupid cause you see some moron flying in a helicopter or sitting on a beach in Bora Bora with some 19 litle girl wanna be porn star. Gawd, the world is full of suckersw who  want to live this fake lifestyle.

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