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Quandl Update: Premium Database Previews and New Libraries

Premium Database Previews and New Libraries
First Set of Premium Databases

Our first set of premium databases launches soon. The flagship vendor for the launch is Zacks Investment Research, the leading global authority on earnings estimates. Zacks data on Quandl will include earnings, announcements, surprises and sales forecasts for 5000+ companies, estimated by 2500+ analysts.

Also available in the first set: a comprehensive global macroeconomic database, and the world’s best continuous futures database, both published by Stevens Analytics. Coming soon: definitive EOD stock prices powered by QuoteMedia, and US stock fundamentals from Sharadar. More details »
Our Quality Promise

With the launch of these databases, we will be entering the (crowded) commercial data arena. We aim to outcompete the incumbents on price, usability, terms of use, support and quality. The last point, which we are quite focussed on right now as we evaluate premium data vendors, is the subject of my most recent blog post »
New Libraries and Tools

The Quandl ecosystem just keeps growing!

Danny Ben Shitrit has created a PHP library for Quandl, which will satisfy many users who have asked for this.
Danny has also created a second Go library for Quandl, which powers Gondl, a command line tool for getting Quandl data.
Anderson Wilson has created an AmiBroker plugin for Quandl, and Quandl will be included in the next AmiQuote release as well.
A research group headed by Prof. Ramon Lawrence at UBC has written an amazingly powerful JDBC driver for Quandl, allowing users to download and query Quandl datasets using SQL from any Java-enabled reporting software; Timothy Rutherford wrote most of the code for this.
You can now export any Quandl dataset to visualization apps Plotly and Statwing, in a single click.

Visit our libraries page to see a full list of all our addins and tools.


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