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Future HFT membership potential with even override kill panic button, cash position, and portfolio management with source code

Hi there
Here are two crucially important alerts you should know about:
Hft potential componenets complete with source code in DotNet CSharp C++ and Matlab
Here is a surprise bonus I never really focused on for my QuantLabs.net Premium Membership

C# Demo XXX Interactive Brokers TWS with  cash position and portfolio management

So now I have posted a video with access to C# source for these topics. This eliminates the complexity of cash position and portfolio management. It even includes a panic button to override everything to close out open positions. Very powerful stuff!
Once I close out this membership, it is these sort of topics that are lost to the general public. There are literally dozens of these gold nuggets throughout the membership. But remember, it will be closed off to the public in coming weeks FOREVER!

QuantLabs.net Premium Membership benefits listed here.

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