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NOSQL vs SQL Server OTLP debate

NOSQL vs SQL Server OTLP debate

A Youtube comment came in:

So were you comparing the speed of streamInsight to sql server in retrieving 1.2 million lines?  And are you saying the server is faster?  If so I am confused, aren’t they used for different things?  I thought streaminsight is really for real-time data stream processing and CEPs.  I am not trying to be a smart*** I am really trying to understand because I am in the same boat as you and this real-time processing thing is still new and it seams many people who claim to know much about it are also still confused.  What I am looking at currently is streamInsight vs. In-Memory OLTP features of sql server 2014.  Have you looked at that and do you have an insight to share.

StreamInsights is sort of dated now. OLTP seems to be Microsoft’s answer to NOSQL. As for me, I just use Redis with new clustering and failover which appeals to me. It is also in-memory and true open source which is free. It is good stuff!

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