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OpenBSD install with GUI video


OpenBSD install with GUI video

Go back to the effing basics as they say in this video. Also, this was triggered by a Twitter follower who sent a list of the insecure ‘features’ of FreeBSD so this was recommended instead. After further investigation, this seems to be valid!

Caveats: It seems slower than FreeBSD which is faster. As a result, this is more important to stick with as a priority since I can configure or harden myself. Or I could always use HardenedBSD as well which worth investigating.



And if you were doing Java, you’d want highly tuned threads. FreeBSD gave up a lot of stability for a long time for their kernel threads.

Is OpenBSD slow on servers? from openbsd


Death of Apple started while crypto currency event tonite

Dude behind Netflicks who did FreeBSD



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