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Implementing MotiveWave Java samples and IQFeed data provider with no issue

Wow. What can I say? This Java software developers kit is quite powerful. In this video, I show how easy it is implement this with a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Eclipse. This is all explained in the document PDF you can easily download. This API looks pretty straightforward.

I have demonstrated the out of box strategies and studies. You can easily get these working them in the MotiveWave trading software.

I have also confirmed you can use DTN IQFeed as your data provider with Interactive Brokers as your broker for orders. You can open an account with literally nothing with IB so you don’t need data as you would a data providers like IQFeed. You can trade all major asset classes like stock, options/future, forex, crypto CFD, etc.

CryptoCompare or Coinogy can be your cyrpto data provider as well. Do realize you cannot trade in this asset class at this point.

Different pricing levels are available based on what you want to do but it can start at $99. Cheap when you think about it.

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