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What is the best time for future FREE online meetings for quant trading strategy and HFT development topics?

Hi there

I sent this to my QLN Premium Membership yesterday but I want to hear your thoughts.
I have  discovered some incredibly innovative set of C++ libraries which makes the platform truly exciting. There is a name for this thing but nothing is public yet. You can follow my progress by subscribing to the QuantLabs channel at www.Youtube.com/quantlabs
As a result, I want to step up the use of GotoMeeting. This correspondence is being sent to everyone globally but below is an important link which helps me get a decent of schedule future online meetings.
I am wanting to bring together many of you are based in various parts of the world but there are so many time zones but it is always a problem. What I am needing to understand are the best time zones to work with? Or is it better just to split it up into an Asia versus North America/Europe set  of groups? Let me know. Or do weekends work better for people?
Big thanks for your valued input,
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