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Is the pure quant dying out? Marco Avellaneda: “The Era Of The Pure Quant Is Over”

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Is quant really dying. I think they are referring the job title is changing to know more technology and regulation. You decide with these postings:

Is the pure math quant dying out? Marco Avellaneda: “The Era Of The Pure Quant Is Over”



Can you use Hadoop Big data for quant trading and HFT? You decide with this 3 hour video presentation



Changings are coming!

Quant membership coming with profitable trading strategies and custom HFT platform


So the current Premium Membership will be replaced with the above video. This contains so many golden nuggets including dozens of software source code download project. This will be closed off to public in coming weeks. I would recommend taking of advantage RIGHT NOW to get the most affordable for everything coming down the pipes.
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