Litecoin LTC forecast to rise even further

4 articles seem to confirm this LTC theory. The past 5 days have trended nicely but this bot has picked up some nice positions in the last week! This is all part of my Quant Analytics service https://hacked.com/litecoin-price-analysis-ltc-usd-set-for-another-potential-explosive-move-north-as-bulls-penetrate-pennant-pattern/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/litecoin-ltc-daily-price-forecast-february-18/ Are Litecoin (LTC) Prices Pumping Because of Increasing Adoption? https://blokt.com/technical-analysis/litecoin-price-prediction-ltc-initiated-a-strong-upward-move-can-we-predict-the-top Quant Analytics NOTE I now post …

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