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Ray Dalio on Success, Hedge funds, and Life/Work

Ray Dalio on Hedge funds, Success and Life/Work


Ray Dalio is considered one of the geniuses in the hedge fund field. Also, remember he is a mathematician who knows how to work the markets when it comes to his forecasting. It is important to remember that versus the usual retail trading “gurus” I have been highlighting lately.


See this genius talk about his outlook of the markets and lifestyle


Advanced math and programming is the REAL key in today’s modern markets.


Just remember your trading needs to be focused on fundamental analysis since the markets worked that way for decades before electronic trading came along. People with fancy degrees seem to forget that.


Ultimate wealth effect factor of the 1 percent with M2 money supply

This video will show you the impact of using a economy’s M2 money supply affect currency pairs.

This Monday I will be going over how to analyze the most critical factors of futures trading with financial instruments. This includes Treasury, Eurodollar, and Yen future example. This is important to understand how they change at the unit level as well as understanding how they impact market direction. If you don’t get this, you might as well pack up your toys and go home. You will not fully understand the critical underlying elements of how ALL major global markets work. It is NOT about following little pretty charts called technical analysis from historical data

I will provide this LIVE lesson only the one time but you do need to watch the required video to understand this discussion. You will not want to miss it!! As a result, you need to get signed up as soon as possible.


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