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Quant development:FIX: The New Way Latin America Trades

FIX: The New Way Latin America Trades

FIX Protocol Limited (FPL), the non-profit industry association that owns, develops and promotes the FIX Protocol, welcomes the decision of the stock exchanges of Chile, Colombia and Peru to choose the FIX Protocol to support the MILA (Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano) regional integration project that has created a link between the three exchanges.
A very interesting project. I was involved in Santiago Stock Exchange new transactional engine and FIX definition, and then worked on the MILA project.

Let’s add the local integration of the three chilean stock exchanges “Mercado Interbolsa” (Inter-exchange market) , that links Santiago Stock Exchange, Electronic Stock Exchange and Valparaíso Stock Exchange since 2006 running FIX 4.0.
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Very interesting. I have always thought that SA exchanges have been under represented in the US. What FIX version is standard in South America?

Santiago, Lima (Perú) and Colombia use 4.4 for the integrated market project that links the 3 stock exchanges. Santiago’s brokers and customer also use 4.4 for DMA and market data.

In Chile also exists a link between the 3 local exchanges that was implemented in FIX 4.0 and I believe that BOVESPA (Brazil) uses 4.2.

Also there are projects for WFO implementations, but not yet live
. I am also looking to see if BEVSA in Uruguay is utilizing a flavor of FIX. I will post that info when I can.

If anyone is in need of FIX and FAST consulting support feel free to call us. We can jumpstart your projects by using open source code, such as QuickFIX, QuickFAST and OpenDDS.

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