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Latest Interactive Brokers TWS Latest Interactive Brokers TWS Cpp for POSIX updates

Latest Interactive Brokers TWS Cpp for POSIX updates

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I found this project TwsApiCpp which claims that you need to get into low-level programming like sockets to use the API directly. While I haven’t tried the API without the library, I can confirm that it is straightforward to program the IB API through this project.
It is available on GitHub: https://github.com/JanBoonen/TwsApiCpp
You should go through the four example programs. One of them (I forget which) subscribes to market data which I think is exactly what you are looking for.
It includes a CMake build which I added to his project. It works, but I’ve also been working a “proper” and better CMake build which is not yet complete on my own fork:  https://github.com/JamesHirschorn/TwsApiCpp
Notes: I could not get any of the above working
Also, I tried (once again) running the following but feel Mac OS might not be the best environment to do any of this. More to come I am sure

For https://github.com/rudimeier/twsapi For Mac OS

When building from git checkout you need both autotools and libtool. Also, don’t forget to type autoreconf -vfi first.


How to install and use autotools on Mac OS X


brew install autoconf


brew install automake https://github.com/Homebrew/legacy-homebrew/issues/16974brew install libtool


All failed above for Mac OS


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