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It is quant and retail trading newsletter readers like this that make the job better and more innovative, kind of like Robin Hood

It is quant and retail trading newsletter readers like this that make the job better and more innovative, kind of like Robin Hood

I have responded to this person. Honestly, it is people like this that drive me  to be better at what I try to do so thanks to him and others like yourself who read this. You do get negative boneheads at the same time who just gloss over what I do. That is ok since they most likely will spin their wheels at experimenting with automated trading with little results. Honestly, they most likely will waste years of their time. Case in point here: http://www.wilmott.com/messageview.cfm?catid=38&threadid=97177 I need to thank  the Sholomster for sending this this. Anyhoo back to our positive minded supporter.

Hi Good Day Bryan


Bryan I am not sucking up to you, but your work is amazing !!! you are like a “Robin Hood” for retail trader…

 Oh thanks. No need to ‘suck up’ as I just like to help.

This is my call!!


I read through every newsletters you send, I have bought few open source trading platform  which I could not go no were to install and up and running

 NO worries as I blog about everything I do regardless if it is good or bad. I am just honest where sometime it can get nasty. Everything does not get emailed but you can follow at https://quantlabs.net/blog/sitemap.xml

As for this last email about creating the fundamental  data converted into trading signals , I came across this” Raven pack indictor “ I have not tried it nor

affiliation with them, will this be similar to what you want to do? Get fundamental signal through Matlab and directly trade with  IB-MATLAB ?

  I know of this Ravenpack but these get expensive which is why I like IQFeed since it is the best quality service and the most affordable for us mortals. I have also worked with IB-Matlab but you can trade directly out of Matlab with http://www.mathworks.com/help/trading/ibtws.html using the Matlab Trading Toolbox. In my opinion, this is NOT the best way but my courses offer better ways via http://quantlabs.net/academy/buy-our-custom-trading-platform-course-with-source-code/.  I need to remind everyone this includes source code! 

I am retail trader with limited Programming experience , hence I have done 3day matlab basic training and I am gaining confidence in matlab

 Matlab is the easiest thing to work with. Honestly, I had enough problems with R and Python where I am removing both tools from my recently installed Windows 8.1 environment.

I am keen to become a Elite subscriber soon I hope all the help and support for me to become a successful trader!!

Without the support of these people, I would not advance as far and as fast. I am always grateful to those who support what I do.


Thanking for your time….


I could not comprehend  so much research work  you do…Robin hood

Again, thanks for the support and readin.



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