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Marketing Quant apps for Apple’s new iPod Touch, iPhone, iTunes is not easy for us indie guys!

Developing and marketing Quant apps for Apple’s new IPod Touch, iPhone, and iTunes is not easy for us indie guys!
I just got a note from Twanda who has got his quant application into Apple’s iTunes. Here is what was said:
My day count app is now on the iTunes store. I hope it has all the date features a quant would want, and I hope you will like.

Meanwhile work continues on the real product.

Thanks for publicizing my work.
He also needs to fix his spelling on the third word as he would upset a few women. Don’t worry, I thankfully noticed that one.
Anyhow, you can search around on this site for what application it is. I was not given an app name.

You might also want to check out the CFA iPhone app. Could be close for quants.

As Apple released their new iPad Touch and .TV products, I am very interested in finally getting into this world. I find the iPod Touch very appealing as I am not a fan of coughing up $700 for an iPod or iPhone. I don’t like cell phone three year contracts either.
Back to this iPhone app marketing. I came across another fine article at QuantNet.com where some Master of Financial Engineer decided to go into being an iPhone app start up. I don’t find it encouraging with comments like:
Developing an app isn’t just about having a cool idea and programming it. If you intend for it to be a source of income, you need to deal with all of the other business aspects that go with it— legal, business, project management, personnel management, marketing, etc. It is true that there are many hats to wear, and if you are the type of person who can juggle hats, you just might succeed.
That’s a big help to an entrepreneur because starting a business is very stressful. And if I cannot raise or earn money from the business, I will have to find a job at some point.
Other app developers’ say that the number one thing that increased downloads was being featured by Apple in the app store.
And blah blah blah more quotes found here:
I personally don’t find that encouraging unless you are building a brand and extend it through mobile apps like iPhone or Android.

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