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Interactive brokers from korea with futures like oil



Interactive brokers from #korea with futures like #oil

Thanks for your answer of my question.
I have a another question.

I live in South korea and korean.
Can I open account for interactive brokers as foreign retail trader ?
To avoid complex international TAX issues, I just want to use DATA feeding and various features of interactive brokers tools.
Actual buy/sell orders will be executed by using API of stock company in korea.

Usually, I trade future just like crude oil.
Is it possible ?

Was interested in this course

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Answered via Facebook Live stream

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Interactive Brokers Python support is still useless but here is my workaround


I am still frustrated by the low level Python support for Interactive Brokers. Check out these current options



I find none of these 3rd party options are very good. They are not intuitive with weak tutorials. Also remember that these Python packages can be abandoned like ibPy. That is not a good future. Also I found the current native Interactive Brokers native API Python support is low level which means a lot of work. I recorded this for my Facebook Live:

The includes a comment of the API still too slow.

Note that there is $20US/month fee for accounts <$2000. Also, there is access to historical or real time data under this amount so IQFeed may be one of the options you have. Once your account >$2k, you will have access to all market data for free. This is for individual accounts so there are different fees for advisor accounts.

More criticisms

Interactive Brokers 9.72 has native Python API from algotrading

I find my course in the Elite is most predictable since I can use Redis as the message queue between my Python scripts with a Java listeners for the orders. This seems to works ok as described in my course of

Python C++ Algo Indie Trading Business Course Futures Options Algos



One the positive side, the IB Trader Workstation (TWS) software has not changed in any way to support API calls.

To circumvent the data problem if you go with Interactive Brokers without the required funding level, i am revisiting IQFeed for MacOS or Linux market data.

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Tonight: How to convert forex mt4 to python programming webinar with Interactive Brokers

Reminder about tonight but don’t forget about the Interactive Brokers big news announced last week.

How to convert forex mt4 to python programming webinar

Send in your questions in right away to get them answered so I can prepare!


interactive brokers eliminate $10k requirement

Remember that Interactive Brokers has eliminated their minimum $10K requitement.


As you an imagine, this makes my Interactive Brokers valuable now! I plan to add new content to it as I explore the Python options for my strategy. I no longer need to support Oanda nor Dukascopy options as we I have worked on earlier this year. It is straight to what I call the end game of Interactive Brokers for my ultimate global broker!

Here is my Interactive Brokers course:


This is part of my:



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interactive brokers eliminate $10k requirement


Free gift from interactive brokers as they eliminate $10k requirement but here are some workarounds on the limit

You may need to use another data providers like IQFeed. I have mentioned numerous times you can find on this site or my Youtube channel.




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Anyone ever use Quant Rocket? Support Python and Interactive Brokers 


I find these solutions and platforms can be useless compared to coding your own. If you roll your own, you will be able to define and control your own trading techniques. You will understand them better so don’t be lazy. This does support Python though.

I am still hearing about those use this QuantRocket or something similar?




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Learn how to work Interactive Brokers API like ib java test client demo


4 5 hr workshop live recorded to learn how to work Interactive Brokers API and TWS

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A super duper cheap deal for Interactive Brokers API and TWS
Video details:Interative Brokers 4.5 hour Workshop Bootcamp

This is an eire 4.5 hour online LIVE workshop of the following online course


Source code sample and files can be found  by purchasing here



Depending on your language of choice, these demos with source code are useful for those who want take advantage of  the Interactive Bokers TWS software.


This course will give you an overview of the critical components needed for your own algo trading system. This will give thought on pieces that will make you successful as indie automated trader to control your own destiny.


Here is an introduction to the world’s in memory NOSQL database. This demo introduce why it should be used with source code.


Simple demo of Interactive Brokers Python integration with iBPy package. Sample code incuded.



IB Java Test Client demo

Netbeans IDE Java project ibredis2-tar

LRANGE Python demo found in this directory redis-chat


Java Push LPUSH Python LRANGE


Python pub to Java sub IB TWS Order

Python code under

Netbeans Java Project


C++ source is made available from IB API sample package as hinted in video


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4 5 hr workshop live recorded to learn how to work Interactive Brokers API and TWS

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Video courses on Interactive Brokers and Dukascopy forex automated trading

Warning ! Video courses on Interactive Brokers and Dukascopy forex automated trading 


Are you ready to pay double after Monday, January 8? We have three video courses that will be doubling within two days. It has been strongly recommended that this takes place before our marketing efforts starting in a week.


I made a quick video to showcase what these videos entaill at the currently low low prices that we are offering before they go up in two days.


The first product is a 4.5 hour video of my video on a live workshop to learn about the Interactive Brokers API. This goes into much detail of how to accomplish this using one of the best automated trading brokers out there! Do you realize that this is now part of my programming annual Elite subscription starting at $2800. This is probably the most affordable way to get a sample of how these courses work.


My next two videos are on Dukascopy forex trading for both non Programmer and programmer alike. Do realize that this broker does not take American residences as a customer at this point. If you do live in the USA, you can still work with the demo account to beef up your skills in automated trading for forex. You’ll just need to realize that Dukascopy will not take you as a customer. I still think it’s the best way to easily get into automated trading regardless of where you live.


As I said earlier, there is a six minute video to detail all the glory and all of these video products.

Just remember that they will be going up within two days of this email.

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True range forex trading market random performance video

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LATEST HUGE sad changes over at Interactive Brokers

Here is the latest from XLQ the Excel spreadsheet thingy for market data with TA. Please note the crucial changes to Interactive Brokers!

Xlq 5.9 is available for download from http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Download.htm


What’s New




XlqPlus now works with the latest interface to Interactivebrokers and will automatically return delayed quotes (if available for the symbol) if you do not have a real-time subscription. Even though delayed pricing can be returned, to receive historic data / backfill or other values a real-time subscription is still required.


One oddity I noticed is if  the symbol is in tws and is showing the “delayed  data” button, you will not get prices until you enable the delayed quotes and re-request the symbol in xlq. If the symbol is already enabled, or is not in tws, the delayed data is returned automatically. If tws shows only “Market Data Subscription Manager” and not “Delayed Data”, the delayed data will not be available for that symbol.




Yahoo day quotes are again available. On November 1 Yahoo stopped their old day quote download service, and xlq 5.81 was prepared with Yahoo removed. It appears that they have developed a new service returning many of the fields that were available previously and those that are no longer available have been removed. With no additional information available on this new interface it is possible there could be further changes. As a result, there is now an option in xlq preferences / data source specific / Yahoo to “Enable as day source”, which is set to yes. If set to no, it would be as if yahoo day data was removed as a source from xlq and can avoid trying to connect etc. if anything changes or stops.


The formulae no longer supported are xlqShortRatio, xlqDivPerShare, xlqPricePerSales, xlqEPSEstNextYear, xlqEPSEstNextQtr, xlqPEGRatio and xlqEBITDA.




A new source “<unused>” has been added to xlq which can be used to disable any request, including for historic formulae. This will allow for example in xlqCompanion to turn off day requests, either as default or per row. Note, if the trailing stop preferences setting is set to use only historic data, the trailing stop will then calculate up till the last close and requires no reliance on day data. The source can also be referenced in excel.


#Name when opening an xls from a link


Until the problem introduced in recent updates to excel is resolved, a workaround has been included which should avoid seeing #Name when opening an excel file when clicking on a link. When opening via a link, com addins are only being loaded after the workbook is initialized, rather than before as should be the case. For an alternative fix to change the order, or for more info see http://www.qmatix.com/XLQ_Support.htm




xlqPlus has long been the license of choice for most new users, so due to the evolving market I will end the sale of new xlqLite licenses around the end of the year. Existing xlqLite license will continue to be supported and may be renewed etc. So if you want to repurchase a new xlqLite license, you should do so in the next couple of weeks.




By request I have added a tip button (accessible on the right of most of the webpages). Xlq support is free but as the support often goes beyond that of xlq or the time helping on something can exceed the cost of xlq, or someone wants to show their appreciation after including their request in xlq,  I am asked how a complimentary payment may be made. The gratuity order can now be used for that at your discretion.




The historic data files have already been updated to handle upcoming features and are not compatible with prior versions so if upgrading from a prior version the data files will be replaced and the data re-retrieved as needed.




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Is Python smart to use with Interactive Brokers API

Is Python smart to use with Interactive Brokers API


Overview Python Infrastructure Building Blocks Half price

Analytics Home v2

Overview Python Infrastructure Building Blocks

Overview IB API Dukascopy

Dialogue below from a Youtube video:

Hey Bryan – Very interested in your course, but just want to make sure that it’s going to get me where I need to be, as I’ve run into quite a bit of trouble with compatibility (looks like Windows is the preferred OS of choice for algo trading) – I’m interested in setting up a trading environment given the following:

– Working with latest version of Mac OS – I suppose I could set up a windows virtual box if need be, but would prefer not to, as I’m afraid it may yield performance issues – not sure though, just my assumption
– I have experience programming in java/python – as per your observations, it seems like python may be the best choice, as it seems more concise
– The strategy I want to implement is technical/market flow oriented, and simply intended to eliminate entry/exit disciplinary issues while trading. It will need data points like opening print, market cap, time elapsed, current share price, etc. pretty straightforward in that regard

I was originally looking into using the TWS python IbPy api, which looked like a fairly easy way to do this, but the following comment on Sentdex’s intro video scared me a bit:

“As a Python developer IbPy looked nice, however, after spending sometime I decided not to use it. The reasons are 1) it doesn’t seem to be maintained. Not catching up with the latest java client. 2) it’s too low level that you have to keep track of async requests and responses, protocol level events and state. Because of this IbPy tutorials that I know never take off from the basic usage. 3) actually Java client offers high level API com.ib.contracts and com.ib.controller packages. It’s much easier to implement the application level event handlers. IbPy offers the com.ib.client only. 4) I don’t know the quality of the java-to-python translator, especially thread safety. No unit test. Not confident to use with real money 5) If Python is must probably I’d try Jython and the javaclient jar. I’m writing my code in Scala with the jar.”

Any guidance vastly appreciated.


Python runs on any platform like Mac OS, windows, Linux. I am also learning Dukascopy with jforex as well which runs on May major platform like macOS windows and Linux. Let me know if you got other questions


Thanks for getting back. I suppose my overarching question is whether or not TWS IBPy will suffice for what I’m trying to do given my OS/the type of strategy I’m trying to implement. If so, it seemed like your course would be a great resource to serve as a guideline, but I would hate to run into issues regarding data retrieval and execution while using real money – the comment that I referenced above from the sentdex video highlights my fear here.
 if you are worried about this, it has been recommended to go with a more rigid language like java or c++. Ib has python API support but there seems
Lots of bugs still.
It could take years to to work out

Also this course is to give a high level overview of python components needed for Aldo trading system.u can alway pipe orders into redis message queue into a java app to be pushed into tws. This is why I have my advanced IB course. Do realize that the python is now half price off




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