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Your game plan to Python3 Custom Algo Trading LIVE intake


I like these questions especially from those of different backgrounds. It just shows it not just finance or well off individuals who do this stuff. I am hoping folks are really questioning how to secure their future. This algo trading with Python 3 is definitely one way. This upcoming recession is going to get very ugly. We have not even addressed the future of in how robotos/automation will affect your career.

Here are the questions

Very awesome stuff, I have to admit im little overwhelmed with all the info but am making a bit of sense of it. I am super interested in the python 3 course, ive looked over ccxt and am still not a big coder, I drive construction semi trucks. 

Although I did see a past webinar you did in august for converting mt4 to python and am wondering if you have saved video or any info you could point me to about that.

Im coming up with a game plan to afford the py3 course, how long will this be available?

Thanks again

I am also referring to the this Python 3 course with live intake for the first week of Jan 2019. I discuss how this course will be structured. Now is the time to join to start your learning before the live intake starts!

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency


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