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In deep MotiveWave trading platform overview

In deep MotiveWave trading platform overview. My dream has finally come true. I can finally use IQFeed data with Java on my Mac OS. I knew it was possible but now it becomes reality. Thanks to a support team member at IQFeed, they directed me to this lesser known trading platform called MotiveWave. It also runs with Java support on Mac OS.

In this video, I show case some features of this software. I can now build an execution engine for both Oanda and even Interactive Brokers now. I explain it all in my newest playlist on my Youtube channel at youtube.com/quantlabs.  Check it out all out.

Advanced technical indicators available

There are advanced technical analysis charts like Fibonacci and Harmonics. MotiveWave called these Harmoncs which is called Gartley. It includes the same ones I use which includes bat, butterfly, crab, AB=CD, etc.

It is also affordable to buy. Check out their manual PDF as well.


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