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Many Examples of medicated narcissist egomaniacs hater trolls etc you got to deal with every day

Many Examples of medicated narcissist egomaniacs hater trolls etc you got to deal with every day

Some of the postings displayed in this video are not public. Sorry if you need to carry on with this garbage, please do it else where as I need to move away from this negative junk. if you want to invite more of it, you really need to get help or have a hobby. Sorry. Over and out.



From one of my newsletter subscribers:

If I explore suckerdom, it is because the aggregate strengths of media
literacy pushes as quality of life integrations sustainable into
currency relations of digital ledger engines offers a way to develop
rapid response facilitating of “Kardashev populism” by the use of
numeric constraints methods varied in expert review through crowd
dispersions of varied parameters to scrutinize effects of progressive
econometrics in the stabilization derivatives of nonprofit action as
an absorbing “sounder” of sentiment consensus for semantic programming
and semiotic inference rulebase academic apportioning to advisory
policy development in geopolitical virtualpolitik of realpolitik’s
“wissenschafte” for providing a basis of contextual engineering
fundamentals of foundational interaction with the derivatives markets
so as to put computational power at “good risk” squeezing the dynamic
decision space by “risk corruption” to controllers through the ability
to accurately provide context mismatch defensibility of ethical
diligence in progressive civil finance for being able to accurately
determine the corruption risks dynamically of control structures for
humanities finance investigative journalism (eg, Reuters) through
human interest impact progress gauging in qualitative quarantine
modeling for justifying the separation of overweaning machine velocity
functions on minimal human understanding undermining the social fabric
of collaborative network economics in the ability to constrain and
create understandings in finance philosophy of political economics
towards a common aerospace future development for digital ledger
engines through competed for consolidations of progressive
stabilization in the techne arts of using contingent dependency with a
softer “hand” than the wielded wealth of high equity individuals who
nevertheless are individuals no matter how much money or power they
wield.  The moral and intelligent standing of power in the market is
a collective guidance stabilization which sometimes cooperates with
the needs of peoples, bt more often must be taken a cue from in terms
of constraint dynamics.  By introducing union and coop interests in
MFI/credit union dynamical contexts the response of attractor equities
as managed for in HFT translations into cyberspace user dynamics
through to softened econometric policies of mixed reals semiotic
integrands by the correlate finance stream watches on appropriate
derivative indicia renders out flexible pathways for people wary of
market dynamics as a source of power to contextually understand,
nevertheless, the progress of antideteriorative choicemaking through
the transition processing of putting our computational power to work
in preserving traditions through the ability to inscribe the contexts
with finance forces relevance of parameter dynamics to social
awareness in commerce relations controls of at least a theoretical
praxis which can be profited from by simulations engine ledgers
predevelopmental “swift style” interactions to native semantic finance
explicates as fulcra of power dispersion among mass bodies for
mutually torrented agreements modeling so that Moore’s law stops being
a periodically interruptive volatility source for disintermediating
peoples power and consensuses from the finance vesting philosophies
proven to work in value investing and other relations to coordinate a
peoples finance movement in “floating” equity structures to do data
capture of the contingent market dynamics of reactive formation to be
able to resource the numerics into simulations engines so that
smoother transitions can occur by semiotic constraints controls, data
grants, nonprofit ethics qualitative quarantines and creating
“sandboxing of errors” through machine ethics since the Moore curve
ideology will necessitate asymptotic adjustments with increasing
consolidation of the “losers” unless and until their frustrations
correct markets by the corrupting of the risk controllers themselves
and the inflexibilities of process technologies propagations results
in both rigid protections but also shrinking populations of literate
workforces.  Do you really want to live in a dystopia?




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