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FAQ: Q&A: How to get into hedge fund, HFT, and quant world?

FAQ: Q&A: How to get into hedge fund, HFT, and quant world?

I just keep getting questions like this all the time so this will be last time in responding to it:

Hello Sir,
I'm a undergraduate in electronics and communication studying in SRM University and i will be doing MS in Computational Science/ Simulation Science and i would like to work in Hedge Funds in the future. Can you tell me where to start from. I know basics of C and C++. Please suggest me some websites and books or links to start with financial engineering. I would like to streamline myself in financial engineering programming, i'm a novice in programming, but i'm sure i'll learn quickly!

Thank you

My answer is simple. Learn how to use Google and Youtube to search your query. This site has tonnes of starting resources a well including my online resources in the Premium Membership. Join here while it is still cheap:  http://quantlabs.net/membership.htm

Thank you. That is all.

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