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Nvidia GPU Geforce 8+ is next generation for ultra high performance trading

Nvidia GPU Geforce 8+ is next generation for ultra high performance trading
I have heard many people within the programming community talk about the performance boosts these graphic cards can give. Nvidia GPU (graphic processing units) is leading the way for algo based trading developers and programmers to get extra performance for their applications.
As I looked up Nvidia’s developer documents, I was surprised to learn about application boosts of anywhere from ten percent to well over two hundred percent. All of these application need to be written in C or C++ take full advantage of Nvidia’s application programming interface (API).
The other thing about this Nvidia API is that is can be supported on all major operating system platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS/X. If you ask me, these graphic cards are for extreme gamers but the exciting thing is they are architected for other uses. This of course includes developers who do high performance trading with their custom applications. As said, most of these applications are developed in C or C++. As a result, you can take full advantage of what the Nvidia core API offers.
I am reading a decent set of reviews on this class of graphic cards so they are worth pursuing on affordable level. Other servers like FPGAs could cost multi thousands where a few of these graphic cards may cost anywhere from two hundred dollars to six hundred dollars each. This is a very exciting option indeed.
I learned about this technology in two areas. Some of the really nerdy guys in a Ruby on Rails group I belong to as well as a few press releases from our friends at Marketcetera. Once again, their architecture and design enable their own platform to take full advantage of the Nvidia graphic processing units. You might want to check them out to for your next generation of ultra high performance trading system.


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