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todays set of important messages: Bitcoin Cash forecasting results and WEBINAR Bitcoin wallet funding tonight

First, a message from our sponsor:

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New course!! Building Python algo trading system with Bitcoin an crypto currency focus

And now for todays set of important messages and updates ….

3 big things since this morning:

First, I put out an analysis and two crypto currency pairs for potential increase with a combined combination of expected return of 1.9%. Here is that link:


And now for todays set of important messages and updates ….

Cryptocurrency hot potential big report buys for Jul 23 XZC BNB BCH Binance


This morning I then posted the results of these two crypto currency repairs. Here is the Facebook Live vide I posted:

SIDE NOTE: IF you want to get alerts of when I do these Facebook LIVE sessions, just goto my Facebook Quantlabsnet page to either Like or Follow to be notified when I go live. I will be doing more of these as I find the engagement is much higher than Youtube these days.

What I found was interesting where BCHBNB was up 5.1% over 24 hours while ZCHBNB was down 4.1. When you net it all out, you are still up 1% which meets the desired daily move. I still find 0.5% is more realistic but I will take 1% for sure. Also, I might just focus on the best selected pair instead of combining various crypto currencies for a potential elevated return. Who knows? This all needs to be tested over the next weeks to figure that out.

Webinar: How I funded Bitcoin and automated trades with Binance TONGITH at 7 PM EDT!

The second item is to remind you all about my upcoming webinar topic I emailed out over the last few days. Details of this can be found here:


I have worked on my Positions Manager which is working out nice. I can also have both the Watchlist work with the Positions Manager when they open up positions. I even got working with closing/exiting the position. Keep your eyes peeled for this nice integration. But it don’t stop there….. I will be working to automatically submit the picked crypto currency pairs into the Watchlist. All I need to do is integrate everything to occasionally run this daily or every few hours. Pretty cool huh? I will keep you updated on this.

Thanks for reading, have a profitable day ok?



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Bitcoin funding from ATM to Coinami Wallet to Coinbase

So the Genius in me has figured out to transfer cash to Bitcoin to the Binance exchange. I am so smart. As hinted as I originally wanted to fund a Coinbase account for their Coinbase Pro, they wanted a photo ID. I ain’t comfortable with that (for now!)

Is Coinbase easiest for crypto currency funding with new exchange Coinbase Pro API

Private funding but pricey

So I figured out that there is a way to do this privately via an ATM using a local service listed in the link above. You need to get a secure virtual wallet like Coinami which is listed above. It seems pretty simple to use but the ATM has difficulthy reading the Coinami wallet QR Code. The store clerk helped out by offering cheaper funding services. Thanks but no thanks. The transaction cost 10% which is pretty high. I thought it was 6% but it was only $20 CDN. As a result, I may get over the Photo ID thing to go with hopeful lower transaction costs on Coinbase. Can anyone offer insight on these transaction costs?

Once you got Bitcoin in your wallet, you can login into Binance to fund the account. It seems you just follow these instructions.


I can send form the Coinami wallet to Binance which apparently takes 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. It depends on how the transaction percolates through the Blockchain. More to come.


More options:

Gemini Vs Coinbase

Bitcoin wiring can cost only 0.5% of the amount you transfer


Gemini sounds like they are very slow to verify ID

ID verification on Gemini from Bitcoin

More options even better:

Low transaction fees with exchange that gets decent reviews: https://www.abitgreedy.com/247exchange/


How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously & without ID


Prepaid credit card options for Canada http://forums.redflagdeals.com/prepaid-credit-cards-continuously-updated-532830/

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Is Coinbase easiest for crypto currency funding with new exchange Coinbase Pro API

Is Coinbase easiest for crypto currency funding with new exchange Coinbase Pro API

Screw Coinbase. I think the requirement to fund Coinbase with photo ID is something I am not comfortable.


As a result, I am going the anonymous route using LocalCoin. It seems a little safer without the need to sending out unnecessary documents to an exchange like Coinbase.

How To Buy Bitcoin

It is little more expensive to go anonymously but for now, I  feel more comfortable with this route.

I have an iPhone which means the future of crypto currency exchanges will be measured on their native mobile app support on something like Apple IOS. It seems at the time of this writing, there are only 2 exchanges worthy of noting who are on this. This includes both Coinbase and Huobi in Asia. Since Coinbase is trustworthy since they are regulated out of USA, they might be the ones to watch for newbies wanting to fund an account safely. It will get interesting to see the future how the new exchange Coinbase Pro will do as it appears to be renamed from the old GDAX. As a result, I may focus on Coinbase for small funding of an account. I also want to test their functionality for both orders and data. As you know, I have focused both on Binance and Bitmex but it makes sense to use a more trustworthy exchange like Coinbase. This is especially true when you are starting out with live money. Always remember to fund an exchange with a tiny amount you can risk to lose. For me, it will be tiny amounts like $20 Canadian. As it stands, I just want to focus only connectivity testing and basic low risk automated strategy that I have built over the last few months. This Coinbase Pro might not be the smartest choice for now, but it should be the simplest to test with live money,

As for the support with the CCXT Python package, I have found some sources that seem to make life easier when switching over to Coinbase Pro. It is confirmed to work with old GDAX as hinted in these links:

New Exchange: Coinbase #466


New Exchange: Coinbase Pro #3210



GDAX Migration to Coinbase Pro 


The volume for Coinbase Pro is tiny as compared to larger exchanges like Binance. It seems this will raise a concern for volume, slippage. Liquidity and so on. This is why you need to fund with a tiny amount you are willing to lose on.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!