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Are key databases like FlockDB from Twitter Goldman Sachs SecDB or TEAFiles key to your high speed trading system aka HFT ?

Check out these projects which massively helped out these operations:

Twiiter:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FlockDB https://github.com/twitter/flockdb

This is respected database that couild be used fpr trading but don’t count on it

This could be a secret weapon for Goldman Sachs:

Is success of Goldman Sachs in HFT and quant development with Slang/SecDB no different than Erlang/Oracle Berkeley DB?

I little birdie told me they moved to Ruby on Rails but I would asume that is the front but still with SecDB on the back end.

Where do you think high speed kdb came from? Uh. Morgan Stanley: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K_%28programming_language%29

In essenvce Redis will not cut it where a homegrown version is need with graph and NOSQL with a query language is needed. Being C and cross platform helps.

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