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FAQs for smart python algo trading with crypto and forex

I got a question on Python algo trading  from someone in Belgium. Here is the commentary:


I am very much into forextrading and also very much into programming (I work in IT), but I never combined the two. Just like you, I use MotiveWave to trade (but just like you, I am a far bigger fan of *nux systems and terminals)

I program in Python quite often, but I never used it to trade Forex (never touched crypto either, because it is so volatile, and no rules seem to apply to it. Your bot seems profitable though, so I wonder how you got that far)

I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and your algo / system looks really promising !!

So I was looking into buying one of your Python courses, to help me on my way. I watched most of your free videos and read all of your .pdf’s. A ton of interesting stuff there !


I noticed you added a banner on your blog recently that your course now includes the source code for your crypto trading bot. Which course is this ? The python 3 one ? And are we talking raw code of .py scripts then ? So will I be able to see what filters you use and what requirements need to be fulfilled before a trade gets opened or closed ? Please do not think that I am lazy, and do not want to put in the work, because making a serious effort never scared me. It’s just nice to know how big the ‘push in the right direction’ that you talk about will be 🙂


On a different note: I am trading with FXCM and AM now, but I do not believe they are good brokers to trade algos with. You use Oanda and IQfeed for Forex and what for crypto ?


Thanks for taking the time to answer these n00b-questions !

Hope this helps anyone out the from these videos


After watching this video, this person said:

Thank you very much for your elaborate answer. I have watched the “FAQ-video” and will gladly admit that you did a great job -as always- and that you answered all my questions in a clear way.
I will sleep a night on it, but I believe you will count an extra head in your chatroom from this weekend onwards 🙂
Please keep up the great work you are doing in educating the community and showing us the ins and outs of algotrading !!


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