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Is LinkedIn Evidence of a BUBBLE?

Is LinkedIn Evidence of a BUBBLE? –

Shira Ovide, Spencer Ante, and Rolfe Winkler discuss the BUBBLE.http://goo.gl/CL2J8


No, this time it’s different…


Yes EVERY time its a new ‘era’ and always ‘different’ just like pets.com and all the others like Webvan. They are all creating new ‘paradigms’ until they go bankrupt 🙂

Or this is another Google or Facebook.


LinkedIn ~ What’s Linked In? ~ http://www.ushi.cn/

My weekly + monthly indicators continue to warn of a USD rally + substantial equity downside.

Be careful folks.


Amen brother.

No 523x PE ratio is sustainable!

The economy right now is slowing down” – Dr. Marc Faber in Bloomberg, May 27
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I see the Oil peaking again at $120-140 around end of June, beginning of July which will absolutely slow down the “western” economies again. There are no more options left to jump start these old and sick economies. I don’t see any major quality jobs created in the US. We will see lows soon again.


Lots of companies are getting very good valuation without actually having robust and sustainable revenue model!!! Linkedin is one of them along with facebook

I tend to agree with you we are probably in bubble but bubble which could inflate even further probably due to US slow down and consequent ‘QE 3’, although seems laughable at this juncture




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