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My DotNET F Sharp POV of dropping R entirely and bypassing Python for quant trading model development

My DotNET F Sharp POV of dropping R entirely and bypassing Python for quant trading model development

OK. I am looking at filling the gap between .NET and Matlab. I have think F# could be the solution.

After this R presentation, I figure I lost all faith in the future of R. If it takes them too long to fix core issues like this, I wonder if using the language for prototyping will not give me the faith of using it. It seems its only academics use this language anyhow.


Sorry all you die hard fans.

That brings me to Python compared to F#. I am new to both languages but looking at this, I came away with a few thoughts for myself.


1. F# seemed to perform better

2. Real time and compiler process is part of F#

3. Python does offer machine code generation would could be an interesting option

4. F# leveraeges .NET framework which I kind of like for easy and rapid development

5. F# offers these advantages out of box: Multi-paradigm programming language, Concurrent programming, ,Agent programming <– this looks very very cool

As you can tell, I am not really an open source or Linux guy due to many issues I had with both:


If you believe I have not given it a chance, check the above search results on my Youtube Channel.

I really hate building the dependencies, out of synch libraries, and just the command line really slows me down. Screw that FREE concept as there other costs. What you do is your business but many seem to agree with my experience?

I think the commercial options are really bringing things down to affordability with Matlab Home Edition and .NET.

It sounds there are some nice advantages of F# so I am going to bypass Python in the near future

And no Microsoft does not pay my mortgage

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