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I dumped WordPress idea for trading with AMCharts and HighCharts

I dumped WordPress idea for trading with AMCharts and HighCharts

As I have hinted in my WordPress video playlist on my Youtube channel, what I was thinking was to integrate with charting. These were only IDEAs as stated in the videos. I have now dug deeper in trying to integrate with an external data source. I have found this does not work with inadequate docs so I am resorting to the proven Matlab GUIDE process for GUI front ends. I will experiment further with that now instead of banging my head against a wall by fooling around with this stuff. Here are some others who struggled with both AMCharts and HighCharts:


Read this comment:

Nothing has changed in this libary. I cannot figure out how to download external CSV within their WordPress plugin. I am unsure where this file is supposed to reside. As a result, I am on the borderline of dumping for HighStocks. HighStocks does not offer easy intergration with Technical analysis so I am unsire how to proceed with that.

It amazes me these companies selling these highly overpriced libraries cannot fix these nor produce proper docs to help myself. I don’t have time to waste. No point in me revisiting if there was an easy solution as I have lost faith in this stuff.

I did really have high hope in these libraries but this does not change my view on WordPress

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