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The diversity of financial market knowledge will make you the best trader you can possibly be

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I decided to summarize the most popular topics read in the last 7 days. I started thinking about the diversity in all the topics covered from building platforms, technical connectivity issues, trading strategy ideas, to old school resources like reference books. It makes me wonder why I give so much stuff away. Below just reflects that.

1. My primary market data provider for real time tick data

My thoughts of IQFeed for market tick data with discount and how to house the data with this software


2. The trading platform I am thinking is the best on the planet

How to justify the cost of Deltix with Deltix Cloud Services aka DCS with trading model research using Quant


3. After watching more Bloomberg TV than I should, this is just one of a HUGE amount of trading tips I pick up from the best hedge fund and money managers in the universe:

Forex trading strategy including long USD against CAD, MEX, and NZD


4. Old school books that lay the foundation of any successful trader

Youtube book reviews on this technical analysis is the best and original book for the financial trader newbie


As you can imagine, this is the reason I exist and my QuantLabs.net Premium Members allows me to keep the lights on so I can research some of the most revolutionary ways to trade.

Let’s get started together as a small community of people together want to colloborate to bring together some of the best ways to trade regardless of what platform, research tool, or strategies you use.

Be part of it by:


Many other benefits listed here:


Thanks Bryan

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!