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Day in a life a successful trader and CEO

Day in a life a successful trader and CEO

Here is another self important dude who is ‘interviewed’ while he drives around in his Porsche about his back story. The best part is when these fools call themselves a CEO of a few thousand dollar business. What narcissist idiots they are!  Remember kiddies CEOs run multi million operations with hundreds of employees not in some dinky room of a house where they call their cat a personal assistant.

Kunal Desai chats with Eric about his journey as a trader and CEO. They get into detail about Kunal’s childhood and how Bulls On Wall Street came to be.

Just for those who are interested in this joker trading guru, here are some more sad reviews:


I just look a look at the link you posted – some of the top reviews are by some of the staff and members…so they’re not exactly unbiased. Just throwing it out there. :p

Bulls On Wall Street

So in an essence, don’t fall for these jokers where are some real disappointing reviews on top of unbiased way of claiming positive reviews. Only narcissistic sleazeballs do that!

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