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2015 – The Year of Trading Dangerously

Bold first 2016 market calls from NYC Contact

I just got this from him but I could never forecast long term like this:

2015 – The Year of Trading Dangerously
This was the year to trade fearlessly. Those who stepped in front of the moving train were rewarded.
The SPX had several down months:
January 2015   -3.10% (negative Januarys correlate with slightly more than 50% chance of a down year)
March 2015  -1.74%
June 2015 -2.10%
August 2015  -6.26%
September 2015 -2.64%
The negative months were mostly due to short term fear reactions.  With
super low interest rates there is nowhere else for money to go except into stocks. 401Ks and IRAs are a constant driving force as well.
  Volatility capture strategies paid off this year and should do so again in
 The first half of 2016 albeit with possibly larger volatility swings.
Risks for first half of 2016:
1) Electronic market tech glitches
2) Energy Price Deflation
3) Bond/Credit Market Collapse, Interest Rates, Fed
4) Global Security Issues
5) China’s economy
Thanks to him for sending
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