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Interested in these python course services before the prices go up?


Interested in these services before the prices go up?

Quant Analytics

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency


The services are linked above!

Here is a video for the answer on these questions

Questions from someone on this stuff

1. Is it possible to create a low exchange between two forex brokerages?

I doubt it. Check on the different rates via brokers found on Tradingview. It is just too tight now. I do see some slight opportunity with crypto exchanges depending on the coin.

2. Plus I do not have 300K to start.

300K for what? I have $300 in my crypto account to start

3. I’m teaching myself C++ so I can get a automation system done.

I find C++ is far more complicated but that is why I use Python. It is much easier and faster to code stuff up. Also, my current course shows folks how to do this.

4.Do you have a schematic on designing a arbitrage system between tow forex brokers?

No nor would i be interested in doing so. My current crypto bot has a winning ratio of 90% so why would i waste my time in other efforts. Average daily returns are 8% for the last few weeks

5. The price of your membership at this is how much?

The current Python course is $250 but will go up at least 5x-10x early next week. The last live class is on Monday. My Analytics is $97/month but that will go up as well. I will be announcing new bundles at that time too. Here are the sales pages but these need to be updated next week:



6. Can we have a telephone conversation once I pay the membership.

Sure or better yet I have a new private chat server for this sort of thing

7. Most of your video goes over python but its not as fast as C++ so I was wondering why do you promote that language?

I have figured ways to eliminate computer processing with Python. It lightens the amount of time my Python scripts minimize the computer utilization. I explain this in various live videos I did last in the last 6 weeks of my Python course live engagements. I find C++ is overly complicated to implement and maintain. I have found techniques to eliminate this as this is explained in my Python course.

8. I should have the membership paid by the end of the month of February.

Sounds fine. I ain’t going anywhere.


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