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Profit with genetic programming with news analysis and context contingency with fuzzy weighting

Profit with genetic programming with news analysis and context  contingency with  fuzzy weighting


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>> When you check out these sort of links below, you could save

>> yourself many months to years of wasted effort on potential trading

>> ideas that go nowhere.


>> [1]


>> _Genetics programming does not work from my POV regardless of what

>> academics it but what about profitable real world trading

I got a response from :

> Agreed.  One however though, as it is slow to correct for

> parametrization – in cases where there is a lot of random volatility

> noise – it can aid in long term value paths by sorting for selection

> of choice over “stay the course” potentials, probably not too useful

> in quant but in adjunct areas like news analysis and context

> contingency potentially valuable in long run models if hybridized with

> fuzzy weighting for other methods …  possibly.

I just like using genetic algorithms. Just another way of what you just said. ->


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