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Lessons learned about CCXT Python package for 3 largest crypto exchanges Bitmex binance OKex

Lessons learned about CCXT Python package for 3 largest crypto exchanges Bitmex Binance OKex

Please be advised

Using CCXT with a recent script I sourced to download generically from various exchanges is powerful. I have thought come across some severe limitations in the process.

  1. Binance appears to be the most reliable since you have the widest selection of timeframes you can use. Also, you can download up to 1000 rows into a comma separated value file as well.
  2. Both Bitmex and OKEx offer some form downloading limit of 500 which really messes up my analytical Python script. When downloading, you can only seem to have a limit of 400 to just under 500. This seems to work only work for lower time frames like 1 or 5 minutes. As the timeframe selection is very limited compared to Binance.

I am unsure of other crypto currency exchanges what limitations offer but I will stick with Binance for now as the only exchange of interest. It seems that the others offer much lower daily volume which means slower fills due to lower liquidity.  Also the other exchanges have weird download exceptions which also means the charting will not work as well.


Further note about Bitfinix

I just execute 5 request no different than Binance, Bitfinex starts thinking it is being attacked where it responds:

ccxt.base.errors.DDoSProtection: bitfinex {“error”:”ERR_RATE_LIMIT”}

Pretty pathetic architecture if you ask me.

In summary, it just seems that Binance works out of box for both downloading and charting.


Update: Which Bitcoin crypto currency bot project? Gekko vs ccxt vs Tribeca vs Blackbird


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Demo to download hundreds of crypto currency pairs via CCXT Python package from Binance Bitmex



The advantages

This has a huge benefit if you are into building scanners for crypto currency. Also, remember I did not fund any of these exchanges but always remember to be on guard with your data with exchanges you may not trust. This will help in my automated head and shoulders demo I will have tomorrow night. Get details below.

Video here:


Demo to download hundreds of crypto currency pairs via CCXT Python package from Binance Bitmex OKEx exchanges

Get the original script here

Questions and Answers on automated head and shoulders with CCXT Python crypto currency

Here are the links and questions/comments including my popular automated head and shoulders




Sample questions

Questions and Answers

I would like to do algo trading in india for nse exchange using zerodha kite connect api, is it possible to do using jstock, as i see only analysis is done but to buy or sell

in an automated way for nse exchanges is it possible or can you recommend some opensource software for this algo trading, i am a good programmer can do coding in

any language.



More here



Automated head and shoulders webinar on tomorrow night


Details here

Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
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Automated head and shoulders indicator webinar for May 23 at 7 PM EDT

Demo of automated head and shoulders with XRB BTC hourly crypto currency data from Binance

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More suggested Bitcoin exchanges: Bitmex highest volume 

More suggested Bitcoin exchanges: Bitmex highest volume

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I was thinking about your HFT and the quant group as I looked into Bitmex.com as an exchange.  It has the highest volume, therefore the thickest liquidity that is essential for HFT.  You should see the order books… they flash like strobes, vs. the more sluggish ones you see on BitTrex and Poloniex.  They are also very tech savvy and have a great API.  They also trade futures and you can do margin trading, so short and long positions are available, and with leverage.  If you had the right platform and algo, this would be the site to turn it loose and make serious money.

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