Typical Binance API exception with Python

Here are some sample exceptions you might have with Binance using Python. This can be handled any way you want but it will not stop your bot. This does not happen as long as you stay within the Binance trading rules

Should you use Binance connection cryptocurrency trading with MotiveWave

It seems MotiveWave cannot handle Binance well so it is back to this algo trading bot running 24/7 https://quant-labs.net/2022/01/10/back-to-the-24-7-python-algo-trading-software-bot/ Remember my steeply discounted pricing of this course: https://quantlabs.shop/collections/main-items/products/python-algo-trading-infrastructure-with-crypto-currency i just posted this on the chat server https://quantlabs.info/ Thanks Bryan P.S. Some house keeping notes: I have updated yet again with more again on the chat …

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When Bitcoin Ether is down long terms should we revisit Binance

As Bitcoin and Ether is down, you can crypto can be more challenged no matter if you hodl or actively trade. Sometimes you may have you expand your opportunities outside of safe USA based exchanges like Kraken. Kraken may also have limited coin options as compared to a coin like COCOS found on Binance.


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