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Is this the best advice for any technical review or job interview including Bloomberg or Morgan Stanley?

Is this the best advice for any technical review or job interview including Bloomberg or Morgan Stanley?
This is from a recruiter working on this interview. I do believe it is the best advise I ever received for these technical review.

Make sure you are in an area that will allow you to concentrate and with no distractions. It’s good to have pen/paper available to help with answering any questions or make any notes. Maybe a glass of water too! Remember, since this is a phone interview, they must rely on your communication (with no non-verbal communication on the phone!) – speak clearly and be in an area where you won’t have to speak quietly! Your voice is important!

This will be a technical discussion, they will review areas that are involved in this role from the job description as well as possibly explore other areas to gain a greater perspective of your depth as well as your breadth of experience. You should also be knowledgeable about the info on your resume and you may be asked about areas that you indicated experience with. It may help to have a copy of your resume in front of you.

They don’t tend to ask ‘trick’ questions but pertinent questions relating to the role – fairly straight forward. They are likely to focus less on your background and more on your technical capabilities/knowledge. They may explore your breadth of experience and ask questions about areas that you may not have as much exposure to. They will include coding questions in which case having a pen/pencil and paper to help in providing the answer will be useful. In addition to possible coding questions another big component for them is ‘critical thinking’ and problem solving. For example, being able to respond to open ended problems with particular constraints that require quick, efficient solutions. They aren’t just looking for a great coder but a high caliber thinker and problem solver!

As they have said, they are seeking people who know C/C++, strong basic fundamentals – low level fundamentals. As I mentioned above, it’s not just coders but they seek people who are ‘ultra technologists’ – have a passion and curiosity for technology. And, if there are areas where you aren’t familiar or experienced, having the interest in desire to know and learn. At times, they’ve interviewed people who say ‘I don’t know that’ but seem to have no interest in knowing. They want to see excitement and interest in technology and the opportunity to be a part of the group at Bloomberg. They really look for extraordinary people – they have a high standard and don’t deviate from this standard!

• Know the job description. Read it and review it – understand what they are asking, needing and creating.
• In all of the C++ positions they look for low level knowledge “under the hood”.
• These roles are core positions in Infrastructure and developers need to know not just how and what but “why” – what precedes the end result. What is the code doing, affecting-possibly in regard to memory, CPU as well as what the data represents.
• They have high performance applications – as I mentioned, they are seeking a breadth and depth of knowledge.
• They are not looking for someone who reads an answer off a Google search but has the knowledge and the capability to pick it up areas that you don’t know.
• They will want to know why and do you have a mental picture of why something is the right answer and the reasoning behind it
• They look when you answer not just for the correct answer and reasoning behind it but the thought process, the decisions you have made in your career-roles you took on.
• The questions will also cover ground you probably experienced in C++ 1st semester – basic algorithms and data structures

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