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Believe in yourself with this algo trading course for Python signals triggered

I have never made a hard hitting video on what we are about to face on the economic. Today, we have an opportunity to take advantage of something with massive rewards.It is only you who is limiting your future. I cannot say it any other way unless you watch this video I jut made. The aim is about this: signals triggered

Here are the questions I cover in this 24 minute video with more personal opinion

You can always take advantage of what I am offering but I explain in this video why I highly doubt I will ever offer this again. Here are the details:


Some questions from 2 people:

Hello Brian,

I am interested in the Python3 Infrastructure course.  I went to the site and looked over the curriculum.  


– At the end of the course will our system actually submit trades for us based on the data analytics and trading signals?  

– At the end of this course will we be able to have data/analytics for forex and cryptos, other assets or commodities?

– Are you using the platform going long and short (automated)?


So from what I’ve gathered, I need a bot that triggers buys/ sells based on multiple indicator alerts using Terminal / Redis / Database / Binance/GDAX API, etc.

here’s what I currently have:

TradingView / Autoview ($80/m total):

– limited to single indicator buy/sell triggers

– to combine indicators you have to code in Pine Script, or buy custom alert strategies

– needs a private server running TradingView/AutoView

– signals triggered from their servers (TradingView/Autoview)

– Autoview syntax doesn’t fire when the computers date/time is latent by 1000ms (yuck)

Binance Maker (free):

– Windows version is buggy

– can’t offset, can’t do anything cool

– it’s not a bot

– to make it a bot, you are manually coding numbers and %’s by hand and even then it can fail

– Needs a private server

– directly connected to Binance API

TrailingCrypto (free):

– it’s not a bot

– great features but incredibly complicated to use

– triggers on email alerts, but I’m still relying on other servers (not directly connected)

– signals triggered from their servers

You think this class is what I need to get my hands in the clay and launch bots in terminal? If so, I’m an immediate yes.


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