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Modular Aspects of Quant Finance Research

Modular Aspect of Quant Finance Research

I was sent this strange image describing the different “modules” of learning Quant research. Just remember this type of research is best paying part of the financial world for career. A good part of this included machine learning which is not yet been proven for trading results. I’ll actually send out a high-profile recent interview on that as well. I really try to add value with what you can learn in this email newsletter service so see my details below on how you can receive my daily news items in digest form. Thanks to Sholom B for sending to me as well.

See this image here

Oh why not?

One last day to take advantage of this generous I got

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Don’t forget my automated trading course with video on demand videos are included as part of this. Details here

Note that the future/options phase will start LIVE in a couple weeks!

Thanks Bryan

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