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AI machine learning deep learning seems to work well with Scala Keras TensorFlow

AI machine learning deep learning seems to work well with Scala Keras TensorFlow

Someone on my newsletter from France has convinced me this HAS GOT to work (he is part of my community)


… I am deeply convinced that AI  is THE MOST AMAZING TRADING STRATEGIES AND VERY LOGIC AND PRECISE ENOUGH according to my own experiences gained after deep investigations over the past 3 years and it is VERY POWERFUL TECHNIQUE AFTER THE AKKA FOR TRADING ON MODERN COMPUTER SCIENCES today so the truth of matter is that TRADING WITH AKKA OR SCALA is most advantageous because here is the GREAT TANDEM BETWEEN hardware and Software is taking into account essentially the executing time for passing order quite important factor(TWITTER SENTIMENT REAL TIME)  and in other side TRADING WITH AI offers the full capabilities OF DEEP LOGIC REASONING SENSE OF THINGS  including the logical architectural composition of all layers which might influence the performance of the final results as well potentially and quite obviously enough   and the GREAT ADVANTAGE OF LETTING THE ALGORITHMS makes its own Computation based upon the Strategies w… I have implemented few Algorithms Recently with KERAS AND TENSORFLOW by using the AI and I  have noticed an unpreceded AWSOME RESULTS computations essentially the exactness of my Predictions so as a matter of fact and  to respond  i am totally in favor of AI actually and it avoids the unknown hidden process with some TRADITIONAL ALGORITHMS furthermore  here in a real time you see and verify each step of the execution of each next action or decision to  figured out with  one of my  ALGORITHMS with Ipython notebook even the Curve which describes and plotted ( all indices where to BUY AND WHEN TO SELL  for different WINDOWS !!!
Subsequently the morality is that AI is matter of Deep Logical reasoning with Good Understanding of THE EQUATIONS articulated around the Policy to apply with so maybe you are totally right to say that PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY FAMILIAR WITH sure enough and I admit that vision actually because IT IS NOT A SIMPLE MATTER of INTUITION and requires a very RIGOROUS mechanism of reasoning exercises behind the scenes, to say the least, the general intuition of dealing with things like with many traditional techniques on the past previous methods is not sufficient for encompassing the reality in AI TRADING MECHANISM , basically this my opinion about your question and feel free to have a look at it and make  your own appreciation
Big thanks to him for sending! How long can you ignore it?
More info on TensorFlow with other tools:

Yeah it is just a simplistic vision but the better way to comprehend all my suggestions above to you is to dissecting each line and have look and feel on each step in order to grasp and digest the sophisticated mechanism underneath THIS STRATEGY  and once you have understood for the first run  by exercising it by yourself with  yahoo module (PYTHON)  for example then you might radically demystify  the myth  ALGORITHM  behind the scenes so to say you the least MY PRECIOUS FRIEND FOREVER GREAT BRYAN you opened to my the door on TRADING with python as being FAIR AND BRILLIANT EXPERT YOU ARE GREAT BRYAN and I have pushed further my investigations upon it till I discovered the powerfulness of TensorFlow  more than one year ago exactly after the democratization of this powerful framework from GOOGLE TEAM in 2015 exactly and at that period of time Tensorflow was totally unknown by the large public audience including some well-trained and experienced TRADERS in the HIGHEST FINANCIAL CIRCLE so essentially I  spent  more than  1 year to learn Tensorflow since its inception in conjunction with Theano and Lasagne with Torch, Caffe but according to my own appreciation,  the advanced features offered by Tensorflow in such ALGEBRAIC straightforward  matrix operations are quite plausible enough for someone who really needs to understand each detail for avoiding the general habit of scratching the surface only which might potentially lead to further erroneous and hazardous cumbersome situations and on the top of that issue for facilitating some process , Keras would offer a tremendous benefit when you configure it to run Tensorflow in the backend for the sake of simplicity implementation(LAYERS Convolutions and so on …)  sometimes so here  I have a dozen  of ALGOS for trading in real world scenario to forecast all  commodities stocks including even the exotics stocks from JAPANESE(YENN)  stocks market to the most simplest BINARY OPTIONS , additionally the POWERFUL AKKA REACTIVE technology is here as well which i have described to you above through the real time SENTIMENT ANALYSIS(TWITTER quite new because all previous statical ALGORITHMS OF TRADING DID NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE GENERAL FEELING OF CONSUMERS at the right momentwhen you decide to trade!!! )  from the consumers which takes all parameters quite emotional trends behaviors and the daily events in each Country where you forecast the stocks to purchase which might affect the general tendency on the market and in the backend this tandem or duality between SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE is handled by the uniqueness and powerfulness of SCALA AND AKKA within its most abstractness based upon NON-BLOCKING MULTITHREADING during the passing order process within a fraction infinetely small 1nano seconds for example and here is  another KEY IMPORTANT FACTOR as well  the time within the WINDOWS and this factor was not taken into account from all previous TRADING ALGORITHMS (MONAD , FUNCTORS and so on more generally speaking the  FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING  mechanism and BACK PRESSURE in real time scenarios which allow me to depict at each regular interval the new trends on the market and by including a special module  based upon reactive js to make the special recommendation automatically  for the users and all abstracteness are dilluted in the backend calculations ok so my precious FRIEND BRYAN we shall talk more about them and exchanging  things later on after my arrival in MUNICH and PLEASE DO KEEP IN TOUCH MY PRECIOUS FRIEND  GREAT BRYAN because you  opend to me the first STEP and i cannot FORGET YOU GUY OK IT IS A NOTION OF RECIPROCALITY ESTEEM AND STRONG AND WARMEST FRIENDSHIP always REMEMBER ALL GOOD FRIENDS  AND PRECIOUS FRIENDS WHO HELPED ME OK and i was born like i am GUY AND i cannot change THOSE INNATE PRINCIPLES inside of me ok so have an excellent and peaceful evening in the great USA MY GREAT BRYAN and take care GUY ok 
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