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What are the advantages with Deltix Trading DCS over the Quant Office and Quant Architect?

This is a questions that came in from someone in yesterday's email about Deltix: 

Any review on the deltixlab's cloud computing option for their platform? I'm a retail trader so I can't afford the 6k per month fee.

I believe the cloud service does not allow access to tick data? How does their cloud software/data package stack up against retail solutions 
such as ninja trader etc

Thank you

I respond with:
Deltix just started a Twitter account at: https://twitter.com/DeltixQuant
One tweet lead me to this: https://dcs.deltixlab.com/
This should help you out. If you need personal, contact over at Deltix let me know as I can hook up it for you

As for a review, I have not really played with DCS enough. As for comparing Ninja Trader, that would be like 
comparing a Volkswagen vs Rolls Royce.  

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