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Love from dedicated quant trading admirers

Love from dedicated quant trading admirers

I am in love as St Valentines Day approaches but sorry I am taken.

These are the kind of emails I live for:

I read every post from you. But can’t answer to every mail.

I will rethink this approach – Long video.

LightingCharts – amazing. Do you have any experience with very fast charting in JavaScript ?

Jim Simons – is he from Renaissance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Harris_Simons

LightningChart and Javascript should be in the same sentence. Javascript will hang your browser which will hang your system. LightningChart does not. Slight difference. If you need mobile, go with Infragistics.

Yes Jim Simons is same dude from RenTech so yes!

P.S. Thanks for reading, hope you like today’s Tweeted messages

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