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Really? ULL $1M Trading Strategy Forex HFT?

Some ask if this is legit. I even got a comment someone on my Facebook said this was done on Metatrader. (?)

Ultra Low Million Dollar Trading Strategy in Forex HFT?

Is this possible? Let me know what you think?

I just say, be inspired byt the originator of this whole quant and HFT movement:

From the greatest mathematician who has gone HFT with Jim Simons of Rentech with Keynote Speech: Mathematics, Common Sense, and Good Luck

Yes we did our full on HFT demo. I keep asking in this video what people what people want to see from this software. What do you want?

This was from a Meetup we did on line so check the links below to learn more

This system’s author Alex can be found here: http://www.low-latency.net

Have you seen my latest charts I posted:

  1. South Africa Brazil Chile Hong kong have highest stockmarket returns versus GDP growth for merging markets between 1980 to 2010
  2. GDP the Mestic product in absolute terms US leads GDP on purchasing power parity valuation China leads
  3. 11 African countries are among the top 10 reasons worse countries in at least one mineral
  4.  China reduces red tape to increase business start ups despite slowing growth


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