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5% up move in 12 hrs thanks EOS XMR WAVES crypto with Live Intake Python course looming


Once again EOS up but at 11 AM EDT, I was already up 2%. As a result, I went to get a coffee, 20 minutes later I am  up 5% total within 20 minutes. I am pretty happy with that. Always remember I could shut down the system automatically.Even if I was to turn off the system for the next 5 days, I could go play golf for 5 days I target %1 daily. Nice life!


Anyhow, this could be pure luck but I will keep testing through the week. If these results still  hold for the next few days, I see no reason to keep the Jan live intake of my course at the seriously low price it at. If this the results hold, I will jack up the price by 2 times or even 3 times the current rate.

This live intake will start Jan 7 2019 for Monday and Thursday for the next 6 weeks starting jan 7, 2019! The sooner you get on this course, the better you will be optimally prepared for your questions on these live sessions.


Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Let us hope this works.

Credible links of these moves



mad money made with EOS ETH crypto pair in a severe down market

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