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Free Matlab? Free Morningstar market data? $105 million profit? How?

Hi there

This has turned into a great week to start with in my strategy development

1. Wow now I can get Morningstar data. Neat!

How to get free MSN Money with new data source with Morningstar newsfeed through XLQ and Excel for dot Net
2. Challenged by the high expense of Matlab. We are working on packaging up deployable .NET packaged DLL files for various trading strategies and algos for your platform. All scripting generated from Matlab.
How to get access to your FREE headless version of Matlab to interface with Java or Microsoft .NET C#?
3. Can you really do this? If you watch it, you would become a believer after these videos. Let me know what you think.
Can you really earn over $105 million in profit in 5 fears by trading options and futures with 2 new hedge funds?


Imagine the potential. It is quite huge. I am feeling pretty excited about this direction especially the new data sources I have figured out. With the power of Matlab, you can do some pretty cool things.
It is just over one week away before I close out the current promotion to get $697 in FREE courses from my new Academy.This is a great chance to get access to them by just being a new QuantLabs.net Premium. There are so many benefits! You have until Monday June 30


Here is a complete list with videos:


Many many Membership benefits listed here:


Hope you like all this neat stuff
Thanks Bryan

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