Python algo course series for your Indie Automated Trading Business

Extending on Dr Ernie Chan’s initial book that started us all, I decided to build out this course series to enhance your steps in accomplish this goals.

  1. All strategies are easy to understand thanks to fundamental analysis like the pros
  2. Chose Python which probably the simplest programming to get you started regardless of your knowledge or lack of knowledge when it comes to programming. Sheesh…they are teaching 9 years how to program this stuff so why can’t you learn this?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This course series will only be taught LIVE once ONLY. Also, note that ‘Phase 1’ on Equity Arbitrage/Pair Trading will be removed permanently come week of Jul 2016/2016! See details below.

Now you can KICK START  your early learning NOW:

GOOD NEWS: All content for the INFRASTRUCTURE BUILDING BLOCKS phase has now been posted to take FULL ADVANTAGE to jump-start your learning! Get details here

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Intro to this course series

Trading Infrastructure: Building Blocks

Phase 1: Arbitrage/Pair (Note week 8 will be the highlight specifically around ‘position management’)

CRITICAL NOTE! This section will be permanently removed from this website forever week of Jul 12/2016! All source code, walkthroughs, video, and playbacks will be delete FOREVER then.

PHASE 2: Options and futures trading algos

Note that I am starting to do this formulas/algos/calculations in C++. I am transitioning into leveraging more C++ in these algos so expect to see some modules/units with samples of this new language. I would suggest you read these article/links :

  1. Historial logic on programming languages
  2. Roll model C++ library for algos based on asset class 


PHASE 3: FOREX using macroeconomic views


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