Why I am not on Telegram or Signal messengers with ranting talk video

Here is another rant video found I talk on Rumble. This is the only place it seem I can talk freely about these social messengers of Telegram and Signal. Get more info over a Rob Braxmans Youtube channel. Let’s not talk about scammers or real privacy on these platforms. Get some free tech trading book […]

Access to the Private Chat server for paying customers

If you want to continue the private conversation I have on my social media, please read on.  This legacy social media includes my  Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp chat group, Youtube, Twitter, etc. So get access the the QLN Private Chat Serer  As a result, I am planning to leverage the power of my private chat server […]

Reminder meeting: Crypto vs Retail forex

Thanks for those participating last Monday in our online meeting. Here is the video playback from last week. Just a reminder, we have another online meeting starting tomorrow on Monday night at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time (same as New York). It will be on the advantages of crypto over retail forex. Thanks Bryan Login […]

Weekly Zoom or Meetup online event topics online ?

Reminder tonite at 7PM EDT: As you know, I traditionally do events in person (via my Meetup groups) and online on Mondays. As we are now limited NOT doing physical Meetups, I am wanting to switch to online via Zoom with weekly events. There are over 3500 of you out there so I expect to […]

Source code for Karen Super Trader options strategy?

Source code for Karen Super Trader options strategy? Should we implement source code for this type of multi million dollar strategy? Let me know via filling out my contact form This is was because of the popularity of this: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2015/04/specific-notes-on-karen-super-trader-options-strategy/ Join my FREE newsletter to learn when we implement this   NOTE I now post my […]