I was hoping you could give me three ideas to write about in my newsletter about subscribing to my Quant Analytics. My target audience is investors. Avoid ideas about trading crypto or highly volatile instruments. Are you tired of the rollercoaster ride that comes with investing? Look no further than Quant Analytics. Our platform utilizes […]

Who wants this Ichimoku Cloud TradingView Pine script?

I might give this away, an Ichimoku Cloud TradingView Pine script. I could give offer actual order once the order markers are triggered. This might not be the best indicator when the markets go into range-bound mode. Get on the email list to let me know, as well as get some free trading secret tooltips […]

SOL has no loss from BTC crash but ALGO doubles in price instead

After the deep Bitcoin/BTC crash and cryptocurrency crash,  Solano keeps marching ahead with crazy momentum of strength. Another surprise winner today was Algorand which doubled. Other coins could be in early stages of breakout but it is tough to stay . I am using technical analysis tool which I demonstrated As I keep saying, it […]

LAST DAY for 100k BTC or FOMO on this sale?

Here is the last day of my sale promo being on Monday Sep 7 known as Labor Day. Here are some articles which mostly could come true. Will Bitcoin reach 100K by the end of 2021? Here are the offer pages of this sale: I think so based on these articles below: NOTE I now […]

Announcing private chat server PWA and Android support

I have the new (private) chat server updated with some decent features including my new Newsroom. As a result, I am trying to build an engaging private community about algo/systematic trading, crypto, investing, and so on. This chat server has no logging or tracking. It also does not even have any third party external tracking […]